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Trace regulating winch - Typ 05

... available with safety crank for rail system

automatic mechanical brake
safety spring crank for tension and pressure
adjustable from 800 until 1450 mm

Our Trace regulating winches, also called judging winch, are used primarily in the track construction and for judging steel constructions. With our judging winches you can build very easily and certain even distances from 800 to 1450 mm, such as of tracks produce. By the fast and simple handling we guarantee you a work easily and safe for certain, also under most difficult conditions.

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    Article-no. Lifting force Hub Sizes in mm Weight
    in t A B B1 E H K in kg
    trace regulating winch with safety spring crank (DSK)
    305.015-0800.01 1,5 1620 120 100 130 650 250 21
    305.030-0800.02 3 1620 120 100 130 650 250 30
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