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BÖCKER-Hebezeuge - Your Expert in Machine Safety and Damage Analysis

Damage Analysis – Identifying Causes and Preventing Damage

Accidents and failures happen quickly, often unpredictably and without external influence, usually at the most inopportune times and always with disastrous consequences for productivity and performance. Defective components, machine downtimes, or total failures of components, machines, and entire process plants require competence, speed, and flexibility – both from internal staff and commissioned external companies.

At BÖCKER-Hebezeuge, damage analysis and subsequent repair and maintenance have been firmly anchored in our service portfolio for many years. As a selected specialist, we inspect, analyze, and evaluate defective components and machines and familiarize ourselves with foreign technologies and processes. Even when technical documentation is missing or components come from earlier eras, we combine many years of experience with modern manufacturing technology to act quickly and competently.

Our Services:

Machine Damage Cause Analysis

For the field of "Damage Causes and Analysis of Machines," we offer comprehensive reports on damage in the following areas:

  • Mechanics: Analysis of mechanical defects and wear.
  • Materials: Examination of material defects and failures.
  • Substances: Assessment of material quality and suitability.
  • Manufacturing and Development:Identification of errors in production and design.
  • Application of Test Procedures: Use of the latest test methods for damage detection.
  • Machine Safety: Preparation of comprehensive and practical reports that cover the entire field and ensure the highest safety standards.

Competence and Experience

At BÖCKER-Hebezeuge, professional damage analysis according to VDI guideline 3822 is an established element in our service portfolio. Our know-how from our own process technology has sustainably profiled us as a recognized specialist company for damage analysis and repair/maintenance in various industrial sectors.

Our customer sectors appreciate our know-how, high flexibility, and short response times:

  • Steel processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Oil, gas & mining
  • Plastic processing
  • Power plant construction
  • Mechanical and plant engineering

Our Technologies

We offer a comprehensive in-house value chain in modern metal processing:

  • 2D and 3D design
  • Cutting work
  • Plasma/flame cutting
  • Bending, folding, and rolling
  • UP welding, semi-automated, and manual welding
  • Wear protection welding
  • Mechanical processing
  • Pipeline construction
  • Surface coating
  • Assembly

Certificates and Approvals

Our extensive certificates and approvals demonstrate our competence and performance. As your reliable partner in damage analysis and repair/maintenance, we not only offer the required individual work result but also advise you on further topics such as wear minimization, wear monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

Our services include:

  • Recording of Wear Levels and Damage: Skilled specialists assess component wear and machine failures via remote maintenance.
  • Individual Consultation and Solutions: After detailed recording and assessment, we recommend the optimal repair, maintenance, or new production.

Contact us and benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in damage analysis and machine safety!

Mr. Böcker, Technical Director at BÖCKER-Hebezeuge, is available as a qualified expert in machine safety and looks forward to your inquiry at the number 02191 57600-1 or via email:

BÖCKER-Hebezeuge – Your Partner for Safety and Efficiency in the Machinery World.