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You find our products on the following pages. We do not offer you only competent advice and excellent service. We supply you with products in excellent quality to a very good price-performance ratio as well as short delivery times. Take your chance and place your questions ...

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Steel winches

manufactured according to DIN 7355
automatic mechanical brake
crank rotating 360°
crank handle fold away 90°
solid floor plate

BÖCKER hoists offers you a product variety of steel winches also in special construction.

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Toothed rack winches

suitable on pressure and tension
automatic mechanical brake

Our Rack wall jacks are suitable for tension and pressure.

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Sluice lifting jacks

with foot angles or back plate
suitable for tension and pressure
safety crank or safety ratchet crank
automatic mechanical brake

Our Sluice lifting jack was constructed for lifting and lowering of sluices.

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Container winches

for operating containers
suitable for tension and pressure
automatic mechanical brake

You find in this category our winches which were designed to open and close container tops.

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Belt conveyor jacks

suitable for tension and pressure
automatic mechanical brake
crank rotating 360°

Our belt conveyor jacks were developed from the DIN steel winches and serve for the elevation adjustment of transport and conveyor belts.

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Winches and tools fort he rail construction

rail lifting jacks
trace regulation winches
rail carrying tongs
carrying tongs for railway sleepers
assembly lever for railway switches

Following you find the product overview of the winches and tools for the rail construction.

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Lever hoists

built to CE guidelines
chromium plated surface
lasting and resistant to influences of weather
new ergonomic design
provided by standard with 1,5m galvanized chain due to EN 818-7RT
chain in every Length deliverably
little effort

The ergonomic design allows work under a low effort.

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Spur gear hoist

developped and constructed for industrial installations
equipped per default for 3 m of lifting height
high-strength galvanized round steel chain to EN 818-7 RT
new ergonomic design
built-in ball bearings make a simple maintenance possible
rotating carrying and suitable hook,with hook safety device

Our spur gear hoists are developed for lifting purposes and industrial installations.

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Plain trolleys, geared trolley and beam clamp

quick and easy installation
reliable and robust
maximum safety
suited for changing locations

Following you find the product overview of our plain trolleys and beam clamps.

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Rope hoist

lifting-and towing rope hoists
lifting and towing hoists
manual worm gear winches
hand rope winch
rotary crane with winch

Following you find the product overview of our rope hoists.

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Rope hoist

compact construction
short lever tube
robust steel plate design
precision engineering
no disturbing switching handle
simple dismantling
stop bolt with specific rotary protection

A multifunctional lifting and towing tool for unlimited rope Length.

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Crow bars

roller crowbars
with point and edge
with point and flat, curred edge
with claw and point
channeling chisel

Following you find the product overview of our Crow bars.

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Listing of our cranks

safety crank (Siku)
safety ratchet crank (Raku)
safety spring crank (DSK)
safety spring ratchet crank (DRK)
safety crank head
safety spring crank head

Following you find the product overview of our cranks.

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Milling cutter in special design

production especially after customer wish
sse of high-quality steels
production in our own manufacture
highest precision

Following you find the product overview of our milling cutters.

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