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Wire rope hoist

... Lifting and pulling devices varied applicable

compact construction
short lever barrel
robust sheet steel execution
precision mechanics
no disturbing handle
easy disassembly
stop pin with special spin-lock

A varied applicable lifting and pulling device for unlimited rope length. Special clamping-jaws hold on the load in each hight safety. It allows jerk-free lifting and sinking. The wire rope hoist is portably due to its marginal weight. So. It can be used at every desired place. Complete with rope, hook and winch.

    Article-no. Lifting force RopeLength Tow-cable Ø Expenditure Sizes in mm Weight
    in t in m (Special rope) of force in N A B C D E in kg
    Wire rope hoist
    520.080-0430 0,8 20 8,3 341 426 235 168 60 64 14
    520.160-0545 1,6 20 11,0 400 545 284 190 72 97 26
    520.320-1663 3,2 10 16,0 438 660 325 230 91 116 38
    520.320-2663 3,2 20 16,0 438 660 325 230 91 116 48
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